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Dedicated to empowering the healer within.

Helping you to enjoy optimal health, improved quality of life, greater self-awareness and the evolution of your consciousness. We do this using a gentle approach, centered in love and compassion.

For people and animals!!

Experience an event or a ​private intensive! We ​utilize equine facilitated ​personal growth, learning ​and development tools to ​support finding and ​sharing our gifts. The ​rewilding begins as we ​grow self-awareness, ​authenticity and a strong, ​connected open heart.

For soul adventurers!! ​Nourish your spirit, feed ​your soul, rest your body ​and come home to your ​heart. We are excited to ​announce that Farm Stays ​will be available late ​spring 2024!!

What are Rewilding Programs?

Rewilding Programs offer participants the opportunity to learn AND experience tools that can enhance personal and spiritual growth in a safe and non-judgmental space. The animals on the farm are always given a choice and their participation, or not, is part of the experiential nature of the work we do here. Sarah's previously wild mustang, Question, has been the inspiration for the Rewilding Programs. As a society, we have domesticated our souls and given up the freedom to be our true selves. We sever our heart connection early on, diminish our dreams and dismiss what we truly love, to try to fit into a society that values conformity and compliance above all else. As we become aware of our domestication, we have the opportunity to make a different choice. We can re-learn how to honor our authentic self, listen to the wisdom in our heart and express ourselves freely. We can reconnect with our beautiful, wild soul and step into a fully empowered life of our own making. The awareness of the power of choice is where freedom can be found!

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Private Rewilding Intensives : Cost is $150/hour with 2 hour minimum

Winter Rewilding Events

January to April 2024

Visit our Facebook page for current event listings:

Gift it Forward Farm

  • Each event is 3 hours. We will be outside with ​the herd as weather allows- normally 20-30 ​minutes
  • Cost is $80 per person
  • Group size is 5 participants max

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At Ease Bodywork LLC

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Meet Sarah

Sarah is an intuitive healer, mentor and innovator who designs on-farm experiences for those seeking healing, connection and growth. Within the context and sacred space of Sarah's farm and her life with horses, she helps support the discovery of each person's unique and beautiful gift. Sarah's calling is to be of service to the rewilding of our hearts and souls.

Sarah's Rewilding Programs are intuitively ​created, heart based and experientially ​designed. The farm, land, nature and animals all ​co-create and facilitate this work with Sarah.

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Photo by Carol Teesdale

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Gift it Forward Farm and At Ease Bodywork

The meaning of life is to

find your gift.

The purpose of life is to

give it away.

-Pablo Picasso-


The “Manure Happens” Rewilding program is an interesting perspective on how to turn things around. Sarah provides very useful and heartfelt inspiration during this program. I would recommend this to everyone, it really is a simple idea but what you get out of it is phenomenal. Sarah puts things in words that you can understand and relates specific situations to form a personal connection for you. I am on a self-discovery journey, and this was one more piece of the puzzle. Sarah’s farm was peaceful and a great place to gain solitude for new insight. Her genuine generosity was felt, and I will return for more.

Karen Gotz


In January, I visited Sarah at Gift it Forward Farm which overall was a wonderful experience. I did the Manure Happens Rewilding program, which is a program that personally helped me look at the positives in different situations, rather than the negative. Sarah gave me the tools to work on this on my own as well and was amazing at supporting and listening. I felt like I could really be open with her. It was a relaxing getaway from all the stress that I have as a college student. My main takeaway from the weekend that I spent at Gift it Forward Farm is that every once and a while, it is good to take time to focus on yourself and reflect. I think this is a great opportunity for everyone to take a break from their day to day lives. I can’t wait to go for another visit!

Emily Gotz


I have known Sarah since we were both little. In the way of the world, we drifted apart and then drifted back together. Sarah, the animals, and the farm has brought me back to my better past self, when as children magic was part of our being. She reminded me by example that kindness and living heart-forward is our way to heal ourselves and the people around us. I never leave the farm without an amazing sense of peace and a longing to return. It feels like home. I can’t describe it, but you will feel it when you go.

Plus, she makes AH-mazing omelets.

Linanne Giersch



Alyssa Smolen Photography


Alyssa Smolen Photography